10×20 Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Philadelphia Exhibit Rentals is a one-stop-shop for everything trade show related.  We can create fully customizable rental exhibits to meet and exceed any needs you may have.  Scroll through our extensive selection of booth designs below to get a better idea of what you may be looking for.  Combine different elements to create a one-of-a-kind display that will WOW the crowd during your next exhibiting experience.  Once you have a good idea of what you’d like us to provide, reach out to our team of skilled professionals and start your journey on creating a memorable 10×20 exhibit.

This 10×20 exhibit offers a clean, sophisticated design.  Multiple shelving units on the back wall are lit by stem lighting above. The two small seating areas are perfect for meeting with clients and talking about products and services.  Complete this booth with your branding on front of the reception counter for an eye catching design.

One of our customer favorites, this 10×20 has a little bit of everything.  This booth features two display monitors, two tablet stands, seating area, shelves, and cabinets.  In addition, puck lighting and a large logo sign complete this exhibit.

This 10×20 rental booth offers a front, branded reception counter with a digital monitor directly behind.  Add custom graphics to the backwall cutout and side wall to represent your company’s messaging.

If you’re looking for a 10×20 exhibit with a lot of potential for colorful graphics, this booth is a great choice. It offers a seating bench area on one side, as well as a reception counter on the opposite side.  Shelves line the backwall, perfect for displaying product.

Simple panels come together to create this 10×20 rental exhibit. Attract trade show attendees with a large logo sign at the center of your booth.  Three tables and chairs are set up perfect for meeting with clients and discussing new products and services.

This 10×20 trade show exhibit is great if you are looking for a bit more detail.  A semi-enclosed seating area offers some privacy for client conversations and meetings.  A closed off storage area is located behind a wall with shelving for product.  In addition, there is a counter/seating section for demoing or trying the product.

Looking for a 10×20 booth with both meeting space and a more open concept? Then this design is a great option. On one side, attendees can sit and interact with digital monitors. On the other side, there is a meeting area to discuss business and offerings with clients.  Complete the booth with graphics customized to your company’s branding.

This 10×20 trade show exhibit offers a very clean and modern design.  Informative panel backwalls are lit with stem lighting to draw attention to the most important aspects.  There is a small seating area that is semi enclosed, as well as a front reception counter and a digital monitor to display material to clients and attendees.

Customize this 10×20 rental exhibit to meet all of your needs at your next trade show. The backwall panels can be changed to any graphics, as well as adding a logo or sign that reflects you branding.  The seating areas and reception counter offer the opportunity to make clients comfortable and provide a welcoming environment.

Display your product to customers and potential clients at your next trade show with this 10×20 exhibit. It features ample shelving units that are strategically lit by stem lighting from above.  A front reception counter can be customized with your logo or graphics, and add in a small table for quick meetings and demos.

This 10×20 exhibit offers a more closed off design. Lighting is key in this booth, especially if you are looking to incorporate darker graphic panels.  There is an abundance of shelving units which is ideal for displaying products. 

This 10×20 booth design is great for any business going for that more corporate and reserved look. Unique lighting is used to bring attention to the center digital monitor and logo overhead.  There is a single meeting table as well as a reception counter to the side to create an approachable environment for potential clients.

This 10×20 rental booth features tall backwalls that make a statement. Add you company branding or logos on each of the three sections to make your mark on the trade show floor.  It also features 3 tables with stools…perfect for sit down conversations with clients and attendees.

This 10×20 offers a semi private meeting area that is closed off from the neighboring exhibits.  In this area, there is also a digital monitor for demos and presentations.  A front reception counter is added as a point of entry to your booth, and provides a welcoming feel to attendees.

Shelving extends the length of one wall of this 10×20 exhibit.  Dual pillar counters in front welcome attendees to the booth, along with a large digital monitor hanging above. There is also a small meeting area/storage area in the back.

Customize this simple 10×20 booth to meet your needs and accomplish the vision you want for your next trade show, There is a closed off, storage area on one side of the booth.  In addition, seating options, digital monitors, and reception pillars make this exhibit inviting to those passing by.

This 10×20 exhibit offers a more unique design.  Curved backwalls with custom graphic prints and strategic lighting above really draw eyes to this booth.  In addition, the digital monitor and seating areas create a comfortable environment for clients to learn more about what your business can offer.

This example of one of our 10×20 designs is perfect for consumer retail companies.  There is a huge amount of shelving space that is ideal for displaying product.  Thsi product is lit from overhead by stem lighting to draw attention to what you are selling.  Tables and reception counters are also offered for conversations with clients and customers.

Stand out at your next trade show with this unique 10×20 rental booth. Tri-panel walls on each side of the main display feature shelving that is lit from above.  The center panels feature a large display monitor with a logo above.

Add some elements of interactivity to your exhibit with this 10×20 design.  It features three chairs where clients and attendees can view your offerings on tablets and scroll through information.  There is also a seating area where booth staff can speak to attendees and answer questions.

Bring attention to high quality product with this 10×20 exhibit. It features glas display cases with lighting inside.  A branded pillar on the right offers a unique way to display your company’s logo. In addition, some plants are added in for a nice design element.

Triple reception counters in this 10×20 exhibit are sure to grab the attention of attendees.  Multiple shelving units on each side of the space are ideal for displaying products.  In the center, customize a large backwall with graphics of your own.

The clean cut layout of this 10×20 exhibit is simple yet sophisticated. It features dual meeting tables with a unique front reception counter ideal for greeting attendees as they enter your booth.  A monitor on one side is great for displaying your offerings, and there is also a small storage area closed off in the back.

This 10×20 design is all about the modern look. Sleek black graphics make this exhbit stand out amongst the competition. A unique seating area is perfect for meeting with clients and speaking about potential business opportunities,.

If backlighting is your thing, this 10×20 design is for you. Light up your booth with LED backlit panels to really stand out from the competition. A curved reception counter on one side, and a seating and counter area on the other complete this design.

Geometric designs come to life in this 10×20 trade show exhibit.  It features an over hanging archway behind a front reception counter. Brandng throughout is also strategically lit to bring attentio to your exhibit. In the back, storage is available for extra product, marketing material, etc.

This 10×20 exhibit has a lot to offer without being over crowded.  Customize the graphics throughout to meet your branding and look.  A reception counter on each end sets the scene for entree into your booth.  Display product and offerings in the display case and the digital monitor  that is hung from the backwall.

This 10×20 booth design features elements that give the exhibit that “home-y” feel.  Exposed brick graphics are printed on the backwall, with a monitor mounted in the center.  Two couches, as well as a high top table seating area provides comfort for attendees and clients.

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