30x30 Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Our 30×30 trade show booth designs bring your exhibiting experience to the next level.  We can incorporate everything you need, and customize each exhibit to meet your needs and expectations.  Scroll through some examples of our past work below, and take some ideas to create a vision of your own. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, reach out and we’ll get working on a free design rendering for you.  Don’t forget — our services and capabilities are not limited to just the Philadelphia area.  We’re able to work all around the country, no matter what trade show or event.

Keep clients and trade show attendees intrigued with this unique 30×30 rental exhbit design.  Every element, from the hanging sign, to the graphic panels, can be customized with your company’s branding and logos.  The second floor area can be used as a meeting room, perfect for private conversations with clients.

Blow competitors away with a design like this 30×30 exhibit.  The unique hanging sign is sure to catch eyes of trade show attendees as soon as they see it. The booth also incorporates several seating areas and monitors for interacting with clients and potential customers.

This 30×30 rental exhibit focuses on simplicit with a touch of unique lighting. The two lightboxes feature graphics that are lit from within for an innovative look. Two kiosks with interactive monitors allow people to learn more about your offering, and a small seating area makes a great spot for business conversations.

Tower above the competition with a booth design such as this 30×30 exhibit.  A large hanging sign above the booth, as well as four towering graphic walls will draw crowds to your display.  In addition, there are multiple semi-private seating areas to interact and have conversations with clients and customers.

This exhibit is a 30×30 booth design that features an entire seating area for trade show attendees. Two pillars in front feature glass display cases as well as customizeable graphics.  In addition, the large backwall an be customized with your own graphics, and is light from above with strategic stem lighting.

This 30×30 exhibit incorporates unique features such as a second floor. Stairs lead up to the second deck where a private meeting area is found.  Kiosks and monitors at the entrance of the booth welcome clients and attendees with an element of interactivity.  Finally, this design is complete with a large circular sign hanging from above with custom graphics.

Draw in attendees with the double decker design of this 30×30 rental exhibit. The upstairs area serves as a meeting area, while below, severla kiosks and counters are incorporated to interact with clients.  Complete this design with a large customizeable hanging sign above.

This 30×30 exhibit is another great example of a two-floor booth.  The front, curved reception counter offers a great welcome to passersby and clients.  The upstairs area can be used for private conversations and meetings.  The booth also features two kiosks that can be customized with monitors, shelving, storage etc.

Get Started

Found a design that you are interested in?  Want to bring your own ideas to life?  Reach out to us today!  We can provide customizable trade show exhibit rentals of any size ranging from 10x1010x2020x20, 20x3030ft-100ft & more.  Our experienced team of trade show professionals are equipped to guide you through the entire trade show process, from beginning to end.