30ft - 100ft Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Take your trade show exhibit rental to the next level with some of our largest and best booth designs.  When it comes to a larger booth, it’s all about the details. At Philadelphia Exhibit Rentals, we will work with you to make sure all of your specific needs are met and included in your display. Check out some of our best designs below for inspiration. Once you figure out what you need, and the look you’d like to go for, reach out to one of our skilled team members for a complimentary design rendering of your own. Don’t forget, we don’t only service the Philly area. We are capable of extending our services all across the United States.

This 50×50 exhibit is not just a trade show booth, but it is a whole experience.  This client used a theme that made trade show attendees feel like they were walking through an outdoor park. Multiple elements including a central fountain, a back coffee bar, two enclosed meeting rooms, and more bring this whole display together.

This booth is unlike any other. Blow the competition out of the water with a booth design such as this 60×60. It features a paneled wall with 12 digital monitors connected to create one large video wall. There is a custom hanging sign above this wall, as well as a unqiue seating area in the center. On the other side of the exhibit, there are multiple kiosks where guests an interact and learn more about your offerings.

The open concept of this exhibit is sure to stand out amongst competition at your next trade show. For this 30×60 rental booth, the structure is made up of a unique graphic panel shape, with arches and shelving units. A large hanging sign above brings more attention to this large exhibit.  This booth also includes a second floor, with meeting space and seating areas throughout.

This 20×40 inline exhibit offers a simple yet effective booth design for your next trade show.  A graphc backwal features interactive monitors where clients can sit and learn more about your offerings, there is an additional seating area on one side for more face to face conversations, as well as a large graphic hanging sign above.

Stand out in the crowd of exhibitors with a booth design such as this 30×50.  This display offers multiple opportunities for graphic representation of your branding. Practically everything in this booth can be customized with your own grapphics. The over head hanging sign, monitors, kiosks, and seating areas are just the main points of this extravagent trade show booth.

This 30×40 rental exhibit is one of our more affordable and simple larger designs.  The entire structure is made of our graphic panel system, with each panel customized to meet your branding.  The large square hanging sign above covers the entire booth, sure to catch eyes of competition and attendees.  Throughout the booth, seating areas and interactive kiosks are added.

This 30×40 trade show rental exhibit is truly one-of-a-kind.  It features two curved tower arches that can be customized with graphics of your choosing.  The entire structure is constructed of these graphic panels and a metal framing system. This exhibit also features various seating areas and digital kiosks to provide that interactive element for your clients and potential customers.

This 30×50 rental exhibit incorporates all of the necessary elements.  First, the pillar structure at the front of the booth makes for a unique eye-catching design. At the back of the booth, two closed off rooms can be used for storage or private business meetings.  There are also several seating areas on the floor of the exhibit, as well as a large, custom graphic hanging sign above.

This 20×40 island exhibit design draws in attendees from all sides of this exhibit.  The central structure is constructed of graphic panels and features multiple shelving units on all sides for product displays.  There are counters on each corner of the booth, where clients can ome and meet with booth staff to see what you have to offer.

This 20×40 trade show exhibit takes a modern spin on an overall industrial themed display. It combines custom panel graphics with metal framing, as well as strategic lighting throughout. Numerous seating options, and a large digital monitor complete this booth.

This exhibit offers a unique twist on the typical 20×40 rental booth. Above, four hanging signs call out the space hung from a metal fraing system.  The rest of the booth features multiple interactive kiosks, as well as a semi-private meeting space in the back.

Customize your 20×40 space with an exhibit design such as this one.  A large graphic backwall and overhead hanging sign are perfect for calling out your branding and making a statement. The front rounded reception counter, and center seating areas make a great spot for one-on-one conversations.

If you have the opportunity for a massive booth space at your next trade show, take a look at an exhibit design such as the one above.  This display has a lot going on.  The exterior graphic panel walls are enclosed on three sides with a custom reception counter front and center. Inside the booth, ample seating areas and unique center signage create a welcoming environment.

This 30×50 rental exhibit is a pperfect design if you are exhibiting at a large retail trade show or event. This booth is somewhat enclosed, with private meeting areas in the middle.  The interior graphic panels feature slat wall details, in order to display product to customers and attendees.

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Found a design that you are interested in?  Want to bring your own ideas to life?  Reach out to us today!  We can provide customizable trade show exhibit rentals of any size ranging from 10x1010x2020x20, 20x3030x30 & more.  Our experienced team of trade show professionals are equipped to guide you through the entire trade show process, from beginning to end.