20×20 Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

The designs and booth renderings that we offer here at Philadelphia Exhibit Rentals can be fully customized to meet your needs. Browse through some of the examples below to get a better feel for what you are looking for. Our 20×20 trade show exhibit rental options don’t end here though!  Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, contact our team of skilled professionals for a complimentary design rendering of your own. Also, keep in mind, we are capable of providing our trade show booths and services not only in the Philadelphia area, but around the entire country.

The modern design of this 20×20 exhibit is sure to catch the eyes of passersby.  An archway in the back features storage areas on the side, and a large logo sign in the center in the front of the booth is a counter area for product demos with lighting from underneath to really stand out from competitors.

It’s all about the details in this 20×20 booth. It features a front center pillar with a large monitor mounted on the front. Anbove the monitor, customize the panels with your own logo and graphics to catch the attention of potential clients.

This island 20×20 booth layout draws attention front and center.  It features a large central graphic panel wall that doubles as a storage area, complete with a door.  There are two seating areas on each side of the wall, as well as custom reception counters in each corner.

This 20×20 exhibit features a little bit of everything. It includes shelving units, an L-shaped reception counter, enclosed areas and more. The large circular hanging sign above is sure to draw attention of clients and attendees.

If you’re looking for a more modern and clean cut design, take a look at this 20×20 booth.  This exhibit features a large archway with shelving on each side, counters and display cases throughout, a storage area, as well as seating space to meet with clients.

This design offers a more open concept for a 20×20 exhibit space.  Two large pillars in the front can be customized with graphics and branding.  In addition, it features ample seating space as well as a branded panel backwall.

A large center archway with standout graphics make this 20×20 exhibit unforgettable.  In addition, seating areas, monitors, and reception counters make this trade show booth come together for a complete look.

A 20×20 booth design such as this will draw crowds at your next trade show. This exhibit has an art gallery feel, with backwalls lining both sides and an open concept in the center. At the front, a small reception counter featuring your company’s logo or branding can be used to welcome people into the exhibit.

This 20×20 exhibit has a more digital/tech type of design.  It’s unique structure is very eye-catching.  For custom paneled walls on each corner are connected by stem lighting from above.  The booth also features seating areas and digital display monitors.

The abundance of panels in this 20×20 booth makes customization nearly endless.  Each panel can be printed with graphics to meet your needs. This exhibit also features a huge tower in one corner, as well as branded counter in the front reception area. Surely one of our more unique designs.

This 20×20 island exhibit features two large panel towers with color graphics. The graphics are lit from above with stem lighting on each side.  In the open space, various seating areas provide a spot to convrse about what your business has to offer.

Interactivity is key in this 20×20 trade show exhibit.  First, this booth features a large circular hanging sign above to draw attention to your display.  In addition, there are multiple counters and interacctive tablets and monitors for show attendees to learn more about what you have to offer.

This 20×20 exhibit is another great example if you are looking for a more industrial design.  With a large circular hanging sign above, two semi-private meeting spaces, and dual reception counters, the crowds will be drawn to this exhibit for sure.

This 20×20 exhibit has a clean and simple design that is sure to turn heads.  The large back wall can be printed with your brand’s logo and lit with stem lighting from above.  The long central ront counter provides an area for clients and attendees to be welcomed to your booth.

Large, standout graphics printed on the backwall of this 20×20 exhibit will make a mark on the trade show floor.  On each side of this booth, there are also archways with storage counters.  In the center, greet show attendees at the unique curved reception counter, and have one-on-one conversations in the comfortable seating area.

This 20×20 exhibit offers a more industrial feel to it’s design.  It features unique metal faming throughout, with small reception counters on each corner of the booth.  In the center sits a semi-enclosed seating area with curved branded panels above.

Use this great 20×20 booth design for your island space at your next show.  The large center pillar can be customized any way you like, with graphics, monitors, storage etc.  Corner counters feature digital monitors where attendees can learn about your product/services. Also, on each side of the center pillar, there are seating areas for one-on-one meetings with clients.

The large, geometric archway in this 20×20 exhibit features lighting that illumantes the side graphic panels.  In the front, design the curved reception counter with your company’s branding.  In addition, the monitor kiosks and seating areas create a welcoming environment for potential clients.

If you are looking for a booth design with a lot of shelving and storage options, check out this 20×20 exhibit.  In the front corner, a rounded reception counter is used to welcome attendees into the exhibit.  Shelving units to the left and right provide a spot for product placement. Also, hidden in the back, is a small area where staff can meet with clients.

This 20×20 exhibit is fully customizable to meet the needs of all of our clients. The graphic panels are easily printed with your company’s logo, branding and colors.  The large square hanging sign above creates a lasting impression on show attendees.

An industrial theme with a large rounded graphic above, this 20×20 exhibit will stand out at the trade show.  Customize the graphics throughout this booth to meet your branding guidelines.  There are four counterss on each corner of the booth with digital monitors for displaying information about your offerings.

This 20×20 trade show booth is designed in a very straightforward way.  The main structure is held up by four metal frame pillars.  Above, light up your branding panels with stem lighting to draw people to your booth.  Down below on the floor, there are multiple table sand charis to sit and talk with clients about your products and offerings.

This 20×20 exhibit is ideal if you have an inline booth space.  It features multiple counters as well as a center reception counter.  All grpahic panels can be customized to your liking, and are lit by stem lighting from above.

The unique shape of this 20×20 rental exhibit is something that is not often seen.  Customize the graphic panels with your logo and branding.  Also, the round hanging sign above draws attention to your company and will make a lasting impression on show attendees.

This 20×20 booth design offers a unique spin on the typical trade show exhibit.  With off-set branding, a unique curved double reception counter, and seating throughout, your display is sure to stand out amongst competition.

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