20x30 Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

The 20×30 rental booths that we provide here at Philadelphia Exhibit Rentals can be customized to fully meet your company’s needs. We work hard to showcase your brand for you to have the best exhibiting experience possible.  Browse through some display examples below, to gather more ideas of what you are looking for in your next exhibit. Once you have an idea, reach out to us and we will have one of our skilled representatives help you with the next steps. We’ll also be able to provide you with a free design rendering.

One of our most recent designs, this 20×30 rental exhibit will catch the eyes of competitors and clients alike. A large back wall in the center displays your logo and is lit wth stem lighting from above. A waiting/lounge area on the side provides comfort for booth attendees, and a meeting area on the left allows your booth staff to meet with clients for semi private discussions.

This 20×30 island booth design incorporates many different elements for a complete exhibit. A large, unique geometric sign hangs above the display to draw attention.  There are two pillar/arch structures on each side of the exhibit, with monitors mounted on each.  In the center, several seating areas serve as a space for speaking with clients.

One of our more innovative and unique designs, this 20×30 exhibit is perfect for a retail company.  Customize all graphics to meet your branding, including the large hanging sign found above. In addtion, there are areas to hang product such as clothing, as well as mannequins placed throughout the booth. Reception counters and a lounge area are also added for a more welcoming environment.

Stand out at your next trade show with this 20×30 rental exhibit. Counters and stools on each corner of the booth are great for allowing clients and attendees to interact with digital monitors that are mounted on the walls. Four curved pillar panels mak the structure of this booth, with a large hanging sign overhead.

This 20×30 island exhibit is sure to draw crowds at your next event.  With large graphic paneling and an archway structure, your messaging will be portrayed to everyone passing by.  Plus, a large hanging sign above and several counters and seating areas are added details that will complete the design.

For a more simpler design, take a look at this 20×30 rental exhibit.  It features a graphic backwall that is full customizable to your company’s branding.  A small front reception counter is great for greeting attendees to your booth.  In addition, several tables and chairs make up the center of this design, perfect for interacting.

Stand out from competitors with this unique 20×30 booth design. It eatures large pillars in front, as well as a large overhanging sign to draw visotors to the exhibit. In the back, there is an enclosed space that can be used for storage or can doubl as a private meeting area for business conversations.

This exhibit offers a unique design for your next 20×30 booth.  A large graphic bridge arch makes up the major structure of this display.  In the back, there is a semi closed off seating area for client meetings and business conversations.  At the front of the booth, several counters and display monitors give the space a welcoming and interactive element.

The open concept of this 20×30 exhibit is perfect for your next trade show.  It features a large graphic back wall, and a graphic sign hanging above.  In addition, there are threre counters throughout the exhibit, as well as two display monitors.  A small seating section in the rear of the booth serves as a great spot for client meetings.

This 20×30 rental exhibit features all the perks of renting a booth, while still having the customizable options you need.  It includes slat walls throughout to display product and shelving.  Digital monitors also provide a method of displaying product demos, or other information to potential clients.

If you need a booth with ample private meeting space, check out this 20×30 design.  A large graphic backwall is illuminated with stem lighting across the top.  In the back, two private meeting rooms serve as the perfect spot for business conversations.  In the front of the booth, two seating/lounge areas are found on each side, with a curved graphic counter greeting attendees right in the center.

If you have an end inline or corner booth space at your next trade show, check out this 20×30 design. This exhibit is constructed using graphic panels that are lit from above with stem lighting.  Several counters and monitors are added for more of an interactive and digital element in this booth.

The 20×30 trade show exhibit incorporates many features for a successful exhibiting experience. The large, round, hanging sign is perfect for displaying your company’s logo, as well as the graphic panels that make up the structure of the display. Multiple counters and chairs in this booth serve as a comfortable spot to sit with clients and provide product information and discuss business opportunities.

The open concept of this 20×30 design makes great use of an island booth space.  The large hanging sign above with custom graphics is sure to catch eyes and draw crowds to the display. There are multiple display areas for product and marketing material, as well as a few tables in the back that are great to use for sit down conversations.

Make use of all the custom graphic potential in this 20×30 exhibit.  A front reception counter as well as a digital monitor are visible to greet attendees when they stop by the display. Also, in the back, there are private meeting areas where business conversations can take place.

This simple 20×30 exhibit design is perfect for your next trade show. It features two wrap around desks in the front that can be customized with your company’s logos. A large circular hanging sign above can also be customized to your liking. At the back of the booth, two tables with chairs are located for sit down meetings with clients and attendees.

Another industrial themed 20×30, this exhibit features a more open design. Metal framing and a graphic panel backwall make up the main structure of this exhibit.  There are counters and seating throughout, as well as digital monitors for informational and interactive purposes.

Impress the competition at your next show with this 20×30 rental design. Two display cases in the front are surrounded by custom graphic panelling. They are lit from above by strategic stem lighting. Two small meeting tables in the back serve as a great spot for meetings and conversations with potential clients.

This 20×30 booth design features a little of everything. A large graphic archway includes shelving units for products. Stem lighting above lights up each shelving unit. Several counters are great for interacting with attendees and clients, no matter which direction they are coming from.  

The triple pillar design of this 20×30 trade show exhibit offers a unique look that will catch eyes of passersby. Customize each pillar and all graphics to your liking with your own company’s branding and logos.  In the back of this booth, there is a small meeting area, as well as several couches and informational monitors throughout.

The overall structure of this 20×30 exhibit is created with metal framing to create more of an industrial look.  In addition to the metal framing, there are several graphic panels that can be customized to your liking.  Also, a central meeting table and reception counters on each corner of this booth allow for great interaction with attendees and clients.

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Found a design that you are interested in?  Want to bring your own ideas to life?  Reach out to us today!  We can provide customizable trade show exhibit rentals of any size ranging from 10x1010x2020x2030x3030ft-100ft & more.  Our experienced team of trade show professionals are equipped to guide you through the entire trade show process, from beginning to end.